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Picture Rail Hanging Solutions


Looking for a Picture Rail system that is both easy to use and stylish? Then look no further! Offering practical solutions for all of your picture hanging requirements in both Singapore and the region. All of our systems are made from quality materials from Australia.


Our art hanging systems have been used in schools, government buildings, offices, museums, libraries, restaurants, country clubs and countless homes in Singapore and around the world. Past clients include the Anglo Chinese School, Ministry of Youth and Communication, National Library of Singapore, Citibank, Temasek Polytechnic, Fullerton Hotel, Stamford American School, American Club of Singapore along with countless galleries, offices and other residential properties around the region.


Our Art Rail Hanging solution will give you the ability to interchange artwork, is easily adjustable and can be used on solid and partition walls, ceilings, wooden, marble or even granite walls. Come visit our office at Shaw House on Orchard Road and see our practical and reliable system in use. Together we will try to find a solution to meet your needs and can offer additional services such as installation within Singapore.


With no minimum purchase required we are happy to cater and give advise for both large tenders and smaller domestic jobs.


Picture Rail Hanging System in use in Singapore
  • Picture rail hanging system can be used on both solid and partition walls. 

  • Our picture rail hanging systems are ideal for walls with wallpaper.

  • Our picture track system can also be recessed into pelmets. 

  • Our picture rail hanging systems can be used on wooden walls, partition walls and above feature walls. 

  • Our Art track hanging systems can be used with multiple hooks to hold multiple pictures.

  • Conserve your walls and rearrange your artwork anytime you like!

  • We carry picture rail tracks that can be mounted into ceilings and used with recessed ceilings.

  • Enjoy the sleek use of our picture rail hanging systems.

Locator Picture Rail Hanging System

The Locator rail and the U-Locator picture rail hanging systems are our wall mounted and ceiling mointed picture rail hanging systems. They are for regular to light weight use. The Locator rail system can be mounted on both solid and partition walls. 

The Locator system is unobtrusive and is great for home use, offices, shops, galleries and rental units. Both the LOW and LOS can support 25 kg per metre, therefore a 2 metre rail can support up to 50 kg. This rail can be trimmed with a handheld hacksaw or extended with Connector to cater to any desired length. Endcaps add to give the perfect finish to your Locator rail. Sold in pairs and available in both white colour.


The Locator U-Rail CRW is designed to be slender yet sturdy, this art hanging track will fit into most shadow lines and recessed ceilings and can support 20 kg per metre.


Both systems are available in both basic white colour and in the elegant and modern option of sleek brushed silver.


We include sufficient screws, wall plugs and bushels for installation of the Locator System. 


Both the Locator rail and the U-Locator picture rail hanging system can be used with the following nylon and stainless steel wires listed below. We carry standard lengths of 1.5 and 2.0 metres. Custom made lengths can be made but require at least 2 weeks lead time. 


We carry both nylon and stainless steel wires, nylon wires can support 10 kg per wire and stainless steel can support up to 15 kg per wire.  We also carry two types of heads, with the standard head, you simply slide (in and out of either the begining or end of the rail) along to the required position. Cobra heads offer greater ease and convenience for those who change their artwork on a regular basis as they can be positioned and removed from any point of the rail.


Our hooks are both simple and secure, adjusting the height is done by simply holding or pressing on the hook to slide into position. Once it is perfectly placed, just release and it is automatically locked. The hooks can be reused or removed in an instant, its that simple!


For the Stainless Steel Hangers there are three types of hooks available; The Super Security LSSSH hook which provides the same ease of use with the added security latch for you're precious works of art, the Heavy Duty HL hook and the Multi-use MS hook. The MS hook can also be used with the nylon hangers along with the Zipper LNZ hook.


Our hooks work on all of our systems and are compatible with our previous systems.


Maxi - Heavy Duty Picture Rail Hanging System

Our Maxi Rail are designed for heavy duty use and can be utilized in many different ways. They can be secured onto ceilings recessed or embedded into walls, placed onto walls or even over panels! Wires are available in both nylon and stainless steel.

Exhibition Hanging Systems

The following products can be used over panel walls and are ideal for exhibitions. We have used them with great success at Art Singapore 2010, the Affordable Art Fair Singapore 2012-2015, the Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2013-2015 and Singapore Contemporary Art Show 2016.


The wires are available in both clear nylon or in stainless steel and can be used with all of the hooks that we stock above.


Wires can be made to cater to virtually any length, upon request, with sufficient lead time.

Picture Rail Hanging Systems


  • Both stylish and easy to install, when installed, the fixing screws are hidden from view.  The rail snaps onto a horizontal row of nylon bushes which are screwed directly to the wall.  This is particularly useful if the rail has to be fixed to a hollow partition because some of the bushes can be placed on the vertical stud work.  Although they can be fixed anywhere on the horizontal line, they must support the whole length of the rail. 

  • Both the nylon and stainless steel cables are inserted from either end of the rail and simply slid along to the required position.

  • Eliminates continual renovation costs. 

  • Gives the ability to interchange artwork and is easily adjustable. 

  • Excellent solution for rental properties. 

  • Locator Rails are available in brushed silver and white colours.

  • Our Locator Top Rail Hanging system is supplied complete with fixing screws and masonary plugs.

  • Special powder coat or spray painted finishes can be applied to match décor.

  • Each Locator Rail can support a weight up to, but not in excess, of 25Kg per linear metre.

  • Each nylon hanger can support a maximum weight of 10Kg.

  • Each stainless steel hanger can support a maximum weight of 15Kg.

  • We strongly advise, however, to NEVER overload either the maximum capacity of the Locator Rails or the nylon or stainless steel hangers.

  • Manufactured in Australia.


 Visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

 Download our Brochure here.


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